The Group

Capital Wings was founded in 1981, and covers the London Region. It is also known as the M.O.L.E.S. It is an active member of the Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain. The club runs many fun activities, such as outings, Wing Dings and Treffens (festivals), and participates in those run by other groups. In addition, the club has been involved, as have other clubs, in charitable activities (always with a fun element) such as Xmas toy runs to childrens' hospitals, easter egg runs and fundraising parades.

The Joint Reps
Ray (Yetti) Brooking   email: yetti@capitalwings.co.uk

Joe Sene  email: joe@capitalwings.co.uk

Events Co-ordinator
Doris Jenkins  email:  doris.jenkins4@ntlworld.com

Who we are
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